This is the first of many evenings or morning is that I will sit down and write for 30 Min. The sessions will be scheduled and done every day in the month of September. I hope to continue the practice well beyond that. 30 min should be a doable goal. I dont’ want to get bogged down in the word count or the amount of writing. I just want to hold my self accountable for 30 minuets of writing a day.

WHat I write, well that’s another thing al together. I don’t know that yet. It may be a local thriller, doubt it. Maybe a story about Fasching and how and why I love it so much. It may be blog posts and could even be, like now, just free writing and have no clear direction.

The point is to show up and do the work. Get my hands moving over a keyboard. I could even take to paper and pencil and see how it goes. I mean pen. I pretty sure I won’t be writing in pencil. But one can never ne too sure.

When and where I write will be fluid as well. Could be mornings. I would love that, but with the shift work I have getting up early to do 30 mins of writing may not be doable. On the other hand it may be exactly what I need. It could be later n the evening and it could be whenever I have 30 min.

Where.. Well that could be in my apartment. In a book store, Starbucks.. or some other cafe downtown. On my balcony or even at the beach. I just want to start getting ideas and words down on “paper”. I know I have a book in me and a few short stories even. Hell I may even follow through with NaNoWriMo this year. But that will remain to be seen on when this challenge is complete.

The challenge I speak of is the SeptemberJanuary challenge being “hosted” if you will be Jon Accuff. His idea that you don’t have to wait until January to start something new has me intrigued. I mean its not a new concept but I have never been able to follow through with something like this before.

This time it feels different. I’m not making some far out hard to reach goals. I am Keeping it Simple! Just show up for 30 mins a day and write. Nothing else will help me move forward more than this. You cant publish a blog post or a book or anything for that matter without putting in the time. The 30 mins a day will add up. It will become more and more words and Ideas. I will be able to try things out. FInd my voice. Tell my story.

I never know what I think until I write it down. I read that somewhere. It is true. Just writing this has ideas spinning in my head.

  • [ ] Blog posts about being Prinz
  • [ ] Stories that take place in Frankfurt or MMühlheim
  • [ ] the Fasching “story”
  • [ ] My life story.. though I don’t think I’m that interesting.
  • [ ] fiction.. I would love to write it, but not sure anyone would read it.

This list could go on. But I think I will save the capture of those ideas for outside my writing time. I just have to have a way to get it down if it seems like a fleeting thought.

Then I have to think about the editing process. Hmm Maybe 20 mins a day until I gain momentum would be a better goal. Or DO I have to write for the entire 30 min? Hmm I need to refine this and see what sticks. As I look up and see over 600 words in the word count I am very pleased! This is the start of something big! I can feel it

until tomorrow my fine readers.. Ad you know who you are…