SO what happened to the time? Where did it go? I don’t have a good answer for that question. Time is fleeting just like sand through and hourglass. These are the “days of our lives” 🙂 A little nostalgic humor for you .

Should I write everyday? I think that is a good goal to have. The question is how will I achieve that goal? The book “The ONE Thing” has opened my eyes to the concept of blocking time to focus on your “one thing”. That is a a good idea, but a scary one as well. The idea that i should dedicate 4 hours a day to the accomplishment, or better said, focus on my one thing. WOW is what i thought at first. I don’t have the luxury of 4 hours a day for anything. Or do i?

It is hard to think that 4 hours a day could be spent on your dream, your goal, your vision. On the other hand it makes total sense. If. You want something bad enough you have to be willing to go after it with everything you have. Everything, at the expense of everything else. That seems like a harsh way to look at it, but it is never black and white.

The book planted a seed of an idea in my mind that with time and cultivating will sprout and bloom and become a strong sign of what I am doing with my life. In order to be able to say yes to your dream and no to other things you have to know what you are saying no to when you say ye to something. It has shown me that there are things i need to get under control and get my life uncluttered.

To plan and not react is my goal now. To be prepared fo the things that are coming and not get surprised is where I want to be. Some call this intentional living, or joke about it being “Adulting”. I will tell you it feels good to be prepared. Simple things like having the proper documentation when you rent a car, knowing when the next service is due on your car, making an appointment in advance for things needing work done.

A budget, a list of birthdays, all your information in one place like 1Password. These all lead to you being able to spend more time doing the things that will advance you to your goal, your dream. I hate having to look for things i know I have but don’t know where they are.

Planning and reflecting on what needs to be done is another concept I am embracing. It is amazing how much better you can feel when you know you have everything you need. That you have prepared for the day, week and month. Proactive not reactive as I said before. Life is so much better when you prepare.

surprise will come and if you know where you are and where you are going you can be ready for them.

The last part of this post have been a bit rambling i know, but that is what happens when you sit down to write. The first draft always sucks. I continue to post these raw thought and writings, because I want you the reader to see how I am progressing. Hell I want to see how I am progressing!!

Until tomorrow Peace and Love!!