This should be easy. I have done this for a while and only need to say what I am thinking. Of course a more structured approach would be better, but this will do for now. The concept of just getting words on the page seems to be the best way for me. Get it down and organize later.

I love writing. It takes me to my happy place. A place I can see growing and developing from day to day. The simple act of showing up and getting something down has been amazing. It has helped me find a place to go to be myself. I write because it feels good. Even when it is hard. To push that publish or save button at the end of a session feels good.

The idea of being a writer has been on my mind mor or less for close to 20 years if not more. Now is the time. Go for it and never look back. I have followed writes like Jeff Goins, Jon Acuff, Stephen King, and others and on some cases watched ast they grew. Stephen King with his book On Writing was a short but powerful read. A journey that taught me much about the craft. Hemingway was know for his concise and to t he point prose. Other writes choose to use more flowery language. I am confident that I will find a place in the wold of words.

Non-fiction appeals to me because I am relate to it. I can describe things to a reader, take them to the place and time. Travel writing is a form of non-fiction I would like to explore. OUr world if full of opportunities for this type of craft. COurses and groups that support such writers are out there an I have joined several. The goal is to supplement my income, and fund my travels with writing. The thought of dong it full time is tempting, but baby steps should be taken. low but steady, its not a race and other cliches come to mind.

Fiction scares the shit out of me. Making up a story and keeping the people places things and plot line fluid and accurate is unnerving. This year I may try my hand at NaNoWriMo. The month dedicated to writing a novel in a month. That remains to be seen. I need to cut my teeth on something else first and gain some small victories.

The thing that drives me crazy about writing is starting to slowly fade away. The blank page used to scare the bejesus out of me. Now it is exciting to start and new post in Drafts and move it over to Ulysses. My work flows have started to solidify and become easier to use. The tools used to get in my way and now they feel familiar and comfortable. Editing is something that I have yet to do. It this point I have only been writing. Building a word count if you will. A volume of work to go back to later and rework.

All the text even in the unedited form as I am currently posting to my blog just feels good. To see my words on the screen, to check the stats and see new visitors, to share a link and get feed back, just feels good. Fine tuning and growing will come. I already feel way more motivated and confidant since day one. Even after taking a “break” for a few weeks, I feel good doing this now.

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to contact me if you have advise, feedback, or need help yourself.

And just like that I have over 600 words on the page. My coffee isn’t even cold yet.

See you tomorrow!


P.S. The is no post script today, but I still wanted to write one. 🙂