But what? I know this is a way to get us to try different styles of writing, but I cant seem to come up with anything. Should I fake it until I make it? Does that even work? There is a fear for me that just came up. What if I get called out on the topic? What if my information isn’t exactly correct. Jeff, is that what you intended? Ok I’ll go with something I know. I want to be profound, but there will be time for that later. Right now I will describe something I know.

Riding the public trains in Frankfurt Germany.

The SBahn or Schnell Bahn (fast train) as it is called it the first part of the public train system we will learn about. These are trains that run both above ground as well as below. In Frankfurt there are somewhere around 9 SBahn lines running throughout the city. SBahn Trains typically run every 30 mins, and the time between stops could be anywhere between 5 and 8. They connect the outlying towns and villages to the larger network train in the city itself. For example you can get on a SBahn in Hanau and be in dowtown Frankfurt in about 30 minutes. From there you can connect to the UBahn. UBahns run underground and is what most would call the subway. The UBahn network runs every 10 mins or so and connects other parts of the city in shorter trips. The normal time between stops on the Ubahn is 2-4 mins. Another part of the public transportation system in Frankfurt is the Stra├čenbahn or street cars. These vehicles are a little larger than busses and travel on tracks above ground. They are integrated into the normal streets and could their schedule could be delayed due to traffic. Busses can also be seen all over the city taking passengers to, from and around the neighborhoods. The busses are also connected with the trains in that you can buy a single ticket and ride both. The tickets are sold according to area not line. For me, the best way to travel to Frankfurt is by train. I save in parking costs. I save on nerves, and I save time. I live close enough to the station that i can easily walk. My trips are often enough that I know exactly when to leave the house to avoid waiting for long periods of time in the cold or rain. There are some down sides to taking the train. One is the cost. A round trip ticket for the day for me costs almost 10 Euros. In many other European cities it is much cheaper. In New York City i paid 33 dollars for a 7 day pass allowing me to ride all over the city on busses, trains, and subways. Ok I’m going to stop for now. I am not making any progress and feeling really tired. It probably has something to do with the fact that I only slept about 5 hours last night. More likely the unfocused nature of the writing is just that unfocused. A piece of writing like this would be better served if there was some planning involved. This was an opportunity for me to get something on the page to further another idea I have. I want to be a travel writer. I live in Germany and it is a perfect place to start. Until tomorrow.. Joey