Today is list making day! Like Rex Manning Day at Empire Records. Please tell me someone gets that reference (comments below). I have thought a little about the and think I have a plan. I like to mind-map or write outlines for this kind of thing, but why not try something new? The great thing about something new like this is it may be helpful.

This is a list I have wanted to capture for a while. A brain dump for ideas about a blog series as Jeff suggested. Fasching is a big part of the culture here in Germany and I want to write about it. There are so many topics and subjects because there are so many traditions surround the 5th season. I won’t describe that here, but if you are interested then stay tuned to the blog.

  • What is Fasching called in Germany? Different regions have different names for it.
  • Why is Fasching celebrated?
  • What is Fasching. This too is different in different regions.
  • What is with 11?
  • Costumes every where.
  • Prince and Princess?
  • Fasching and German party music is different. Sometimes they just put children’s rhymes to music. It would be a weekly feature to translate some of the songs.
  • How did you get involved with Fasching? A regular feature highlighting people and how they got started.
  • What clubs and groups are in the area?
  • Kölner Karneval what is that all about?
  • Mainzer Fastnacht what is that all about?
  • Düsseldorfer Fastnacht? Or what do they call it there?
  • How big is Karneval in the rest of Germany?
  • How does Karneval in Germany compare to Mardi Gras and Rio?
  • How does Karneval it compare to Carnival in Italy?
  • What is with the funny hats they wear?
  • What is an Elferrat?
  • What is the Garde?
  • Why do they wear medals around their necks?
  • The Fasching Sitzung. What goes on there?
  • I like to speak in the Bütt. What the heck is that?
  • What the heck is Helau and Aalaf?
  • Everyone loves a Parade. Where are the biggest Fasching Parades in Germany?

Wow that is quite a list of things to cover. I am sure there will be other ideas that come to me. If you have anything you might like to know about Fasching, feel free to write a comment and let me know. I have been a member of a Fasching climb for almost 10 years, and there is still quite a bit I don’t know.

For me the topics I want to cover the most are the histories and stories from members of our club and other clubs. It never gets old to sit and talk with our more senior members about what the club was, where it came from and how it has charged. Our club has been around for 67 years now and we are lucky enough to have a few original members still involved. They are our history and we should be thankful to then for the work they did to make us what we are today.

I feel I could keep going on this post, but I will stop for now. The stage is set and I am ready to start!

Then as we say in Fasching.. Helau!!

Prinz Joey I.
Singender Sir der Stars & Stripes
Freiherr mit lotserischen Fähigkeiten

Oh didn’t I tell you? I am the Prince this year.