This is something I can get behind. If you are paying attention, this is the second post of the day. Yes I feel like writing so I am continuing.

Dear Joey,

Life is short. Don’t take things too seriously. You are 43 years old as you write this. (Wow cool dynamic voice) Ok I am 43 years old as i write this. The letter is fulfilling an assignment for a 500 words a day writing challenge. You are still trying to be a writer. I am a writer. Ok this could confusing, but life is too short to get bogged down in details sometimes.

As you mature and get older you will realize that there aren’t many people in this world who give a shit about you personally. At first this sounds like a bad thing. How cold they not you are thinking. I’m the most awesomest kid in the world. That is the smartest thing you have said ever, keep thinking that. That leads me to my next point. Don’t dwell on what others think. It sounds cliche and is something that 43 yo you is still struggling with, but don’t.

You only have a limited time on the earth and it would be a waste to worry about what others do or think if if doesn’t affect you directly. For example, if you get cut off in traffic, let it go. There is nothing you can do about it. Don’t expend the energy to get upset.

Buy the concert tickets. Events and experiences are worth more than physical things. You have missed a few chances to see a great show. Don’t do it again. Of course you should not go into debt to finance these kinds of things, but all others factors being equal, buy the damn tickets.

Smile, a lot. The cost of being nice is nothing. Of course we all have days when this isn’t the easiest and situations that make us shake our heads. Remember you don’t know what the others are going through. We all have bad days. Try not to add to the problem.

Another good quote i heard goes something like this, We can’t always influence what happens, but you should always be in control of how you respond to what happened.

Read more. Yes read more. Always have a book with you. Take notes. As much as you think you will remember, you will forget more. I have started, or better to say, I am trying to journal daily. Just a few little details about what happened or what interesting place or person or event happened on that day. Reflect on what happened in your day. It doesn’t have to be judgmental just notice it.

Be spontaneous. If you have the idea to do something, do it. Walk, take the train, get out of the house. You will see it can lead to great things. Don’t wait for life to happen to you, happen to life!

This is a great exercise that I may incorporate into a weekly or monthly routine. As a reminder to reflect. I read so many “self help” book and listen to podcasts all the time. I never seem to really digest that information.

So until tomorrow…


Wait.. I am supposed to be writing a letter… letters are ended with a signature block. So here is mine…

Your Awesome Future Self!!