Wow this is going to be a hard one i think. I have to put myself into someone else’s shoes. You know I say this will be hard, but on the other hand it could be something that comes easy to am empath like me. I tend to take on other emotions quite easily.

You know I think I going to skip this exercise and start the short story I have in my head.

Bags on a Train

Morning brings crowds of commuters to the train station. It see thousands of people rushing to get a seat, or even in the door before it closes. SOmetines these people are carrying bags. Backpacks, duffel bags, shopping bags, suitcases, briefcases… The styles, types and colors of that bags are as diverse as the Humans who carry them.

I often wonder what is in those bags. Students have text books and notepads. Business men and women briefs and reports. But what else is in all those dark secretive carrying vessels? Make-up? Cameras with images of the last birthday party? A shopping list in a shopping bag.

Sitting comfortably on my seat I see a young lady walk in. SHe has a large black handbag slung over her shoulder, is rolling a pink carry on suitcase, and in her free hand is a shopping bag. The kind of shopping bag someone keeps as a status symbol. Gucci, Louis Vittoria… paper with a twisted paper handle.

WHere is she going? Or is she coming back? Was she in a strange land on vacation? It could be that she is simply coming from a shopping trip to Frankfurt where she though it would be easier to put all her purchases into the suitcase. All, that is, except the accessories she bought from Gucci. This of course is to show the world she has taste.

Wow this short story business isn’t as easy as it looks. I think I need to have a few ideas before I just sit to write like this next time. I am still seeing it from my point of view and being very judged.

I’m late she thinks and checks her watch. What is that creepy guy in the seat over there looking at me Locke that for? All I want to do is get home and have a cup of tea. This suitcase and is getting heavy and my lunch is heavy in this Gucci bag. It seems a little overkill to carry it in such a bag, but that was all i could find as I left the house. My roommate is such a pack rat and sometimes I’m glad.

Yes this isn’t panning out today. Oh well I guess that happens. As long as i got something in. It has been too long since I sat down. But that is life. I want to finish this challenge and even if it is ever other day as long as i get it done then I will have accomplished my goal.

She stepped out of the train and walked to the exit. WHat was in her suitcase? Only she knows…

Thanks for reading to the end..