today is a free writing day, I need to try to keep writing and not worry about spelling or Punktion. I know there will be mistakes, but that is what needs to happen. Just show up[ ans get something on the page. The ideas will be organized later and put into some kind of order. I saw this mentioned on an instastory from Jon Acuff about how he writes a book. He just gets something on the paper every day then goes back to see what it was. He has written 7 books or so.

I guess there is a chance for me. But I need to do it everyday and not slack off. Even if i don;t want to it has to get done. The idea is to set a time aside when i will write and the best plan will be where as well. I think it is Stephen King who said find your desk against the wall and just sit down and write. Right now I’m siting in Starbucks’s in Wiesbaden and writing. Trying to drown out the noise. There are many people in here who are loud. The girl and her mom sitting next to me talking about scchool and they have these plans for her. It is Amazing how out of touch they are. SHe said oh I’ll just do my Master and it takes a year. Wow these are the kids of today,.

I know I’m not capturing the whole scene right now, But her mom is more worried about parking in the city than the quality of the school. If she wanted to live in Frankfyert in Oberrad public transportation to t he Uni is not hard at all. Am i just being a little critical? Maybe I am. But this is a free writing session and I need to keep toying,. It will be funny too see this post work grammar spleenon punctuation errors.

DOn’t Judge, This is about getting content on the page and the movement of my fingers more than about the ideas. Of course it i s also a way to see if in can start forming ideas without much effort to get the creative juices flowing. With practice all things are possible. Opp Is stopped for a brief second

Well it didn’t;t kill me. I am thinking about buying a couple reusable Starbucks cups fro the morning drive. I will have to see the quality before i buy, but for 2.50 I think it is a good deal. We have such a problem with plasticss and trash on this planet and I’m not talking bout straws.

This feels good to sit and write. Next I will be on day 5. I have to see how long of a break i took. But it was longer than it should have been. I can do thi, I will do this. I have a book in me and the workld needs to hear my voice. Wait.. I want the world to hear my voice.

OK Unitl tomorrow!!


P.S. Remember don’t judge my style or usage in this post. Thanks