So I missed yesterday. Oops. It isn’t the end of the world. I will just get back up and get at it again today. The problem is that I didn’t plan. I was rushed and didn’t have plan to sit down and make myself write. Oh I just read what Jeff wrote about making time. He said it is an issue for lots of people. Not just me. I shouldn’t feel bad.

Tomorrow I know I will have to get up earlier to get this done. I have a full day as Prince. Today 5 Jan 2019 is the “Crowning” of the Leder Barron and his Comtess in Obertshausen at the Elf Babbscher. And as always there is a party afterwards. A celebration of those two Tollitaten. I will have to clean up the spelling and the translation later.

Tomorrow on 6 Jan 2019 we have an “early drinking” in our own club house. The Elfer and others will get together to enjoy some time together and get ready to go to the “Crowning” of this years Mühlheimer Parade Marshall, another tollitate. in out town. There will also some celebrating after this event.

This is just the beginning of the fasching season. It seems as every weekend from now to Ash Wednesday will be filled with something. This is what I love. Getting together with other Narren and Jecks and just having a good time. We keep the traditions of Fasching alive. For many Fasching is just driving and partying, and that is all a part of it, but for me and others it is so much more. It is making people laugh. It is driving away the bad mood. It is sining, dancing, living!

There are times when even the happiest Narr can bring themselves to laugh. That is why we form clubs. When I have a bad day, I know that I am not alone. There is always someone to lift me up. I gladly do the same for my fasching brothers and sisters. It is hard to stay in a bad mood when you stat singing and dancing to the songs that are popular. Songs like Achterhbahn, Jonny Depp, and others with lyrics that make no sense. “Kentuky fried chicken and the Pizza Hut!” Of course I will cover some of this music in a later post.

The Germans have a way of taking simple words and turning them into songs that get in your head and stay there. “I don’t want any chocolate”, “I’ll book us a flight wit my visa to Costa Rica” just to name a few lines.

The Plan.. get up early tomorrow and get my writing done. Let you guys know more about fasching. Hey I may even edit some of these posts. and clean them up a little and post them as “normal”. That work flow is something I still have to get down. How will I post them? what link/title will I sue? Maybe a tag “unedited” just to show that this is a rw post and then remove that tag and retitle the work when it is done. Questions questions questions.

See you tomorrow…