Today I need a goal. I need a reason to write. Why will I show up everyday to sit down to write? My goal is to build this habit of writhing. I want to have the writing in my tool kit to allow me an outlet for my thoughts. It was said by someone somewhere, that they don’t know what the think until thy write it.

That is huge reason for me to just show up. It will serve, I hope, to allow me to get things out of my head and out into the world. That is a scary thought. If I put down on paper what I am thinking there is a chance that it could be read. Duh. That is the point for some of this. Not all. Not everything should be released. But the act fo getting it out and down should be liberating.

More to the point of what I will write. The subject of Fasching has been something that has been on my mind lately. I want to bring the idea of Fasching to the world. There are so many who celebrate it but don’t know the traditions of their communities. Fasching or Fastnacht means so many things to so many people. It will be interesting to begin to document some of those traditions in a place that could be shared. First my blog, then later maybe a dedicated blog/site for itself.

A podcast could also serve this purpose very well. Weekly episodes detailing what I have done and experienced that week. Later this could include other clubs, towns, regions. I want to ask the question “what does Fasching mean for you” and “how did you come to be involved”?

The club I belong to LCV, has been active since 1952. A long time, but compared to some in the KÖLN area, we are still just youngsters.

The time from 11 Nov until Ash Wednesday is a time of parties, celebratiuon, dancing, singing, telling jokes, and so much more. For many it is a mystery as to what we celebrate and why. Even the how is strange fro some. I have been actively involved in Fasching since 2009 and I am still delighted every time I go somewhere and find a new tradition. Most of the time all you have to do is ask and you will be told the reason.

So I guess I should come up with an outline or something to keep me on track. 500 words a day withou a plan may be too much. The tools I could use are OmniOutliner, and OmniFocus. I have been wanting to use them anyway more and this will be a great time to work them into a workflow. I will outline the days and then add them ask tasks in OmniFoucs. WooHoo this is going to be amazing. I feel good already about it. The simple act of showing up a and spending time on this “blank” sheet feel awesome.

Until tomorrow…