Siting at the Starbucks on the Hauptwache in Frankfurt Germany is the best time I have spent by myself in quite a long time. The atmosphere here is on of casual passers by and vacationing tourists. There are so many languages being spoken. Even though this is Frankfurt Germany German is rare. Mostly English but also Urdu, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Dutch. It is a sweet blend perfect for the coffe house sound track that helps me focus on my writing. I have really no idea what these people are saying, but I love the medlody it produces.

Groups of tourists make their way from and to the Römer, the Zeil, The Pauls Church. German teens chill after shopping at the nearby Urban outfitters, or multitude of other shops that line this shopping district. There really is so mich to see and do here. Frankfurt is a hidden gem. KNown for its financial district it is also a great place to eat and drink. The locals love their food while there is much local fair, you can also have Korean, Italian, Greek, Turkish, and American food. There is even a 5 guys for those who want a good burger.

Frankfurt is beginning to become a great place to get a burger. That wasn’t so just 5 years ago.

The local cuisine is also amazing. Enjoy a nice Handkase mit music if you are feeling brave, or a nice schintzel with green sause (made from 7 different fresh herbs), or ripschne mit kraut, and wash it all down with a cold glass of Apple Wine. But be sure to drink it Sauer like the locals. The choices are sweet, sauer, and pure, but you will be looked at strange for ordering a sweet, but it is all in good fun, or is it?

I really don’t know what else to write, so i will just move my fingers until something comes to me. It have been walking around the city for about 2 hours now and happened upon a few places i haven’t been yet. It is nice to just get out and explore. To take a street you have never taken before. To keep your phone and gps in your pocket and just wander. It is true what they say Not all those who wander are lost.

I don’t mind getting lost in this part of Frankfurt. The public transportation in this city is quite good. It could be cheaper, but what couldn’t. I pay about 10 euro for a day pass. It gets me from my home to Frankfurt and around most of the city for the day. The rest of the way I walk. I rest in the many parks. The Main runs through Frankfurt to the south and the banks of the river are packed when the sun is shining.

It is never a problem to find something going on. Right now the Frankfurt Book Fair is just winding down and I will be attending. It will be a great opportunity to see what is out there and maybe make a few contacts in the writing world. I was there last year and it was wonderful. This year I am attending on a Sunday when you can buy not just look.

I think I have written enough for now. It did feel good to get back to the old keyboard. My fingers feel great and my min=d is starting to clear. NOw to just keep it up. To find my voice and build my brand. Who knows, this could work out for me.

Oh and one more thing. Next time I will just a take my iPad with this keyboard. It worked out well for writing. The MacBook is too heavy and bulky. That’s all…