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And the beat goes on

Here it is a new day, a new chance to write. Yesterday I was singing the praises of Jeff Goins and his just show up mentality of writing. My procrastination was also a topic. It almost happened again. I got so wrapped up in trying something new, that I almost didn’t write. That won’t happen. That can’t happen. Writing needs to be in the forefront for me. My desire to write has to be cultivated.

My goal to write blog posts for a travel website has been on my mind for quite some time. I start, then I stall. Well the truth is that I never really start. Plans are made, motivating blog posts or books are read, then I just don’t follow through. That has to change. I have to get my ideas out there. I want to help people travel in Europe, travel in Germany.

Automation is supposed to be our friends. I am quickly learning that automation needs to be closely monitored. You need to decide what it is you want to automate before you do it. When I log on my computer in the morning, sometimes I want to write, sometimes I just want to surf the web, and other times I need to do a specific task. I envy the people who do the same work day in and day out. They have it easy, or at least it appears that way. When they get to work they might have checklists that guide their work.

Checklists are very helpful. That is why I am develpoing a checklist system for my private work. Matt over at Money Lab created a course called “Asana for Bloggers”. Never having used Asana, besides limited experimenting, I though it would be a step in the right direction. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Not only is the course super helpful for learning the key points of using Asana, he also goes behind the scenes about how he runs his site.

The value is between the lines for “Asana for Bloggers”. I copied some of the tasks and most of the formatting right away for my own use. Didn’t someone once say “…great artists steal”? It has given me a solid foundation from which to build my own empire (insert menacing laugh). Asana as my checklist, combined with Tribe Writes for the writing know how will enable a solid launch of Epic Germany.

Epic Germany is the name of my secret project. If you navigate to the site right now you may be shocked. It is a work in progress. Tweaks are being made and the elves are working their magic. Andy Traub and Jeff Goins told someone on the Tribe Writers call to “just launch”. It is time! Time to launch.

In a way that is what I am doing now. A soft launch if you will. I am not sure anyone will even read this post. If you do let me know. Send me an email. Write in the comments. Tell a friend. I want to share my progress with you. Not in a spammy READ ME NOW kinda of way, but in a soft Hey I’m here if you want to share a beverage and talk kind of way.

See you tomorrow.


500 Words – Starting Up Again

This is my 500 words just show up writing for to day May 22, 2016.  While I desire to be a writer, I lack one of the most important things. I don’t write. Now that may seem easy, but I haven’t been showing up and just writing. The tribe writers course by Jeff Goins is my main focus right now. This course takes the student through many facets of writing and has great potential. The problem is I haven’t been showing up. I haven’t been getting my licks in so to speak.

One of Jeff’s other products if you will, is a 500 words a day challenge. It is a simple concept. Show up everyday and write 500 words. Get the writing muscles in action and get words on the paper. Everyday, day in, day out. After a year of writing 500 words a day, you have the potential to have completed an entire novel. All just by showing up and writing.

Well easier said than done. I have the bad habit of trying things out that have no value to the end product. Is Microsoft Word a better tool to use for this than say Byword, or Scrivener? How should I store the documents for later use? Would I benefit from using an outline, or an app to store my ideas? These are all thing I struggle with. Procrastination is my middle name, my mother says. I may have found the solution. Just Do It! That is what Nike says and that is what I have started doing.

Scrivener is the tool I have settled on. Joseph Michael has a course on I took it to give me an overview of some of the features. Joe has another course that costs a whole lot more, but I don’t need that just yet. What I need to do is just show up. Are you seeing a pattern here?

So back to writing. Tribe writers has webinar calls where student can log in and Jeff and Andy Traub answer questions about the course. I used one of these calls to motivate me to get back to the grindstone. I promised Andy I would start the next day. Hey I’m in Germany and the call was at 10pm my time, lighten up. But that reset got trumped by life and my perfect procrastination. Sorry Andy.

I am still working out the details of what and where and when to write, but I am more focused now than ever. My main concern is/was, as is the case with quite a few others as I found out, I am just afraid to put myself out there. I am afraid to pull the trigger. I have read Seth Godin, Gar Vaynerchuck, Pat Flynn. I follow Cliff Ravenscraft, and Nick Loper, and I know what Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is, but I just don’t do it. Phrases like “changing direction is easy after you have momentum” or “the first step is the hardest” all resonate with me, but I still stay put.

Time to start!

And just like that 500 words is done. That didn’t hurt at all. It took all of about 30 min.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you tomorrow!


Be Like Mike

I don’t ask for much on Facebook, but I would like your help with this! My cousin Michael Bays is undergoing treatment to combat cancer.

He is taking an active role in his own treatment by raising money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Mike attened Clemson University and had the honor of being the Clemson Tiger for 3 years. He once said in an interview when ask what he enjoyed best about being the Clemson Tiger “Smiling faces!…There is no better feeling than making someone’s day.” Now it is our turn to put a smile put his face!!

His goal is to raise $5,000 dollars for the MMRF. I bet we can help him shatter that goal and then some. Please visit his donation page and help him and the MMRF put an end to this cancer…

#BeLikeMike and be sure to share this with everyone you know….

Thank you!!