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Daily – July 4, 2017 No Internet

Ok, I cannot connect to the Internet. I guess that isn’t such a bad thing. I have to make do with it for now. As Michael Hyatt seems to think it is a Freedom to have less distraction. I am forced to endure this “freedom” right now.
Ok, enough self-pity. It gives me a chance to think and write. My daily Stoic Meditation was to “turn Have to, into Get to.” I get to sit and write now without the temptation to go and surf the web. To set up some new and improved workflow that will only complicate things for me.
The peace it is giving me now is something new. I am forced, no I am given the gift, of this peace a few days ago when the internet was out for an entire evening. No TV, no Facebook, no distractions. Of course, I could have used my iPhone to surf and use my data, but why? I decided to read a book. It was amazing how relaxing it was.
The book and the couch were my friends in that moment. A nice warm beverage and away I went. I was revisiting an old habit. My mind was a canvas and the book in front of me the palette of colors.
I am guilty. I just checked to see if I am connected to the Internet. Why did I use a capital to type the internet. Have I gotten to the point that it has some magical powers over me? Can I not live without it, even for an hour? The freedom thing is going to be a challenge and take the time to feel comfortable to me.
I am sure I can do it. The internet is a tool that is indispensable in today’s world. It should be used wisely. But the internet is only the connection. The Apps and software we use are also not without fault. Game theory is a bitch. The strategies used by developers and designers to suck you in and keep you involved border on the worst propaganda campaigns ever created. Of course, we need candy crush, of course, you have to check Facebook 10 times in 5 mins. I am not without fault.
The idea that a phone or other electronic device could have so much power over us isn’t new. The Radio, the Television, arcade games, are all inventions that grab our attention and keep it. Before that, the coin-operated device found in the Victorian age was the greatest thing. You deposit money and get to see a 30-second show of a horse running.
I have almost reached the end of my 500 word daily exercise and will soon enough check the internet. My Facebook feed has been unattended for the past 20 min and I’m sure the world is about to end. I need to be told using a meme of Ned Stark kneeling with his sword saying something clever about something coming.
Till tomorrow…