And the beat goes on

Here it is a new day, a new chance to write. Yesterday I was singing the praises of Jeff Goins and his just show up mentality of writing. My procrastination was also a topic. It almost happened again. I got so wrapped up in trying something new, that I almost didn’t write. That won’t happen. That can’t happen. Writing needs to be in the forefront for me. My desire to write has to be cultivated.

My goal to write blog posts for a travel website has been on my mind for quite some time. I start, then I stall. Well the truth is that I never really start. Plans are made, motivating blog posts or books are read, then I just don’t follow through. That has to change. I have to get my ideas out there. I want to help people travel in Europe, travel in Germany.

Automation is supposed to be our friends. I am quickly learning that automation needs to be closely monitored. You need to decide what it is you want to automate before you do it. When I log on my computer in the morning, sometimes I want to write, sometimes I just want to surf the web, and other times I need to do a specific task. I envy the people who do the same work day in and day out. They have it easy, or at least it appears that way. When they get to work they might have checklists that guide their work.

Checklists are very helpful. That is why I am develpoing a checklist system for my private work. Matt over at Money Lab created a course called “Asana for Bloggers”. Never having used Asana, besides limited experimenting, I though it would be a step in the right direction. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Not only is the course super helpful for learning the key points of using Asana, he also goes behind the scenes about how he runs his site.

The value is between the lines for “Asana for Bloggers”. I copied some of the tasks and most of the formatting right away for my own use. Didn’t someone once say “…great artists steal”? It has given me a solid foundation from which to build my own empire (insert menacing laugh). Asana as my checklist, combined with Tribe Writes for the writing know how will enable a solid launch of Epic Germany.

Epic Germany is the name of my secret project. If you navigate to the site right now you may be shocked. It is a work in progress. Tweaks are being made and the elves are working their magic. Andy Traub and Jeff Goins told someone on the Tribe Writers call to “just launch”. It is time! Time to launch.

In a way that is what I am doing now. A soft launch if you will. I am not sure anyone will even read this post. If you do let me know. Send me an email. Write in the comments. Tell a friend. I want to share my progress with you. Not in a spammy READ ME NOW kinda of way, but in a soft Hey I’m here if you want to share a beverage and talk kind of way.

See you tomorrow.